How to Apply

The checklist below will assist you to complete the application process in a timely manner. Eligibility for admission will not be assessed until all necessary documents have been received. For admission for the next school year, placement offers will commence from April. Please note we are unable to admit any child who is not toilet trained.

Step 1 – Application for Enrollment

The following items must be submitted in full to complete the application. Eligibility cannot be assessed until all items are received.

  •   Completed Application for Enrollment form;
  •   Copies of academic records from each school attended during the past twenty four (24) months, translated into English if necessary:

              i) Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and/or EAL testing results if applicable; and

              ii) Any other standardized testing information from the current school eg. MAP, ISA.

  •   Completed Health Information form including supporting documentation (if applicable);
  •   Signed Parent Enrollment Agreement form;
  •   Copy of the data page of the student’s passport;
  •   One (1) current photograph of the student (electronic, head and shoulder)
  •   One (1) current photograph of each parent (electronic, head and shoulder); and
  •   Pay the Application Fee of $1,000 USD (non-refundable unless child is not accepted by VIS). We cannot process the application until the fee is paid. Please note         that payment of this fee does not guarantee admission.

 The following items must be submitted directly to VIS by the current or most recent school:

Step 2 – Assessment of Eligibility

The following steps outline the process to determine a student’s eligibility for enrollment:

The Admissions Team will:

  • Review your child's previous school records and supporting documents; and
  •  Administer any applicable tests to help determine grade placement and academic needs.

Tests that may be administered include the following:

  • English language testing.  If English is not your child’s first language, she/he may be required to undertake an English comprehension test to determine what level of English support may be required. Each test conducted incurs a fee of $300 USD. If a place cannot be offered to your child due to capacity in the respective EAL class, then this fee will be deducted from the original application fee paid (please refer to “Fees and Payment Policy”). Please note there are limited spaces available per grade level for students who require English support. Please see additional information under ‘English As An Additional Language Program’; and
  • Testing for special education needs. If special needs support is deemed necessary, parents meet with the Learning Support Coordinator to discuss the child’s needs.
If placement requires additional information, parents meet with the Primary or Secondary Principal or relevant Curriculum Coordinators.

The Admissions Team will keep you informed of the status of your application and any further steps required.

Step 3 – Confirmation of enrollment

The following steps confirm and complete the enrollment process:

  •   Admissions Office advises parents of the student's acceptance, grade placement and first day of school;
  •   Meet with the IB Diploma Coordinator to discuss course options and the program (Grade 11-12 only);
  •   Meet with the Secondary Counselor to discuss language choice (Grade 6-12 only);
  •   Sign up for the bus service if required (fees applicable);
  •   Meet with the school nurse if necessary;
  •   A welcome pack will be emailed before the first day, which includes the tuition fee invoice, from the Admissions Office; and
  •   Pay the tuition fees before the due date

 Additional information


Class Size     

Vientiane International School has established maximum class sizes for each year level.

Maximum class sizes are as follows:

 Early Years Centre:                               18 students

Primary Prep:                                         20 students

Grades 1 – 12:                                       22 students 

The Head of School may authorize additional places in a class in extraordinary circumstances.

English As An Additional Language Program

Students who are not proficient in the English language may be admitted to the school where there is space available in the English As An Additional Language (EAL) program.     

A number of factors are considered in accepting a student to the EAL program, including the level of support required by the applicant and the class composition.

Please note that English language proficiency is required in grades 10 – 12, therefore no EAL program is offered.

Waiting Pool

Where spaces are not immediately available for a child due to the maximum class size being reached, or a lack of available spaces in the EAL program, the child may be placed in the waiting pool.

Parents will be offered a place for their child from the waiting pool as places become available. Should an offer of a place be turned down, the child may remain active in the waiting pool, however the offer can be made to other students within the waiting pool. Please note that the original application fee paid will remain valid for a maximum of two years from the date of application. If an offer is made and the family continues to defer the start date, the application fee is payable again after the expiry of the initial two year period.

Places will be offered to students after consideration of the following Board Policy:


All applicant students shall be considered eligible for admission. Students meeting all entrance requirements may be accepted for admission at any time during the academic year.

Admission shall be open to students based on the following considerations:

a.    Expatriate families shall receive priority in placement;

b.    Siblings of enrolled students shall receive priority in placement;

c.    Students who are not yet proficient in English are admitted if they qualify academically and if space is available in the school’s EAL program; and

d.    Students with learning needs may be admitted when the Head of School is assured that the student is able to reach their unique potential with support services provided by the school and/or resources in the local community.